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DGA Feeds (Domains and IPs)

Stay vigilant against cyber threats with our cutting-edge threat feeds, specifically engineered to track nearly 100 families of malware through advanced DGA (Domain Generation Algorithms) analysis. Our threat feeds provide your cybersecurity team with critical, real-time intelligence on malware operations, enabling you to preemptively block malicious domains and disrupt communication channels between infected hosts and their command and control centers. Designed for seamless integration into your existing security infrastructure, our feeds are an essential tool for organizations looking to enhance their defensive capabilities against a wide array of sophisticated cyber threats. Equip your team with the knowledge to act swiftly and decisively, safeguarding your digital assets with precision and reliability.

Sinkhole Feed (IPs only)

Secure your network with our premium sinkhole feed, meticulously curated to monitor approximately 1500 IP addresses linked to malicious activities. Our service focuses on intercepting and analyzing traffic to these suspect IPs, providing you with detailed alerts and actionable data to prevent potential security breaches. Each entry in our feed is manually reviewed and updated by our team of cybersecurity experts, ensuring high accuracy and relevance. By integrating our sinkhole feed into your security framework, you gain a proactive tool that helps you outmaneuver cyber threats, safeguard sensitive data, and maintain operational integrity. Trust our expertise to enhance your defense mechanisms and keep your digital environment secure.

Phishing & Malware Feeds 

Stay ahead of cyber threats with our advanced AI-powered threat feed, specifically designed to track malware and phishing activities. Our solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to proactively identify and analyze emerging threats, ensuring your organization can swiftly respond to malicious activities before they impact your network. This intelligent feed constantly learns from interactions and adapts to new tactics employed by cybercriminals, providing you with a dynamic defense tool that evolves with the threat landscape. With real-time updates and predictive analytics, our threat feed is an essential resource for any organization looking to bolster its cybersecurity measures and protect against sophisticated digital attacks.

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