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Elevate your cybersecurity posture with our advanced threat feeds, tailored to provide real-time intelligence on emerging threats. Leveraging data from Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs), sinkholes, and passive DNS, our feeds deliver actionable insights that enable you to stay ahead of cyber adversaries. These comprehensive feeds are crucial for identifying malicious domains and compromised IPs, offering a robust layer of security by preemptively blocking harmful traffic before it reaches your network.

Foundational AI Training Data

Accurate ML

Unlock the potential of AI in cybersecurity with our foundational dataset, meticulously compiled from 13 years of historical data. This extensive dataset is designed to train and refine AI-driven cybersecurity solutions, providing an unparalleled depth and breadth of insights into security threats and patterns. Whether you are developing anomaly detection systems, predictive analytics tools, or comprehensive threat intelligence platforms, our dataset serves as the critical backbone for your AI models.

Custom Threat Research

Relevant Insights

Elevate your cybersecurity strategy with our custom threat research services. We employ cutting-edge techniques and tools to uncover hidden risks and craft bespoke solutions that fortify your defenses. Whether you’re facing sophisticated cyber attacks or seeking to understand emerging threats, our custom research offers actionable insights and strategic guidance, ensuring that you stay one step ahead of adversaries.

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